The restoration of the wild turkey over the past 25 years is one of Minnesota’s greatest conservation success stories. Once rare, today wild turkeys are becoming a common sight throughout southern and western and even central Minnesota. The birds, which usually travel in flocks, are often seen in wooded areas next to farm fields and pastures.

—Minnesota DNR, “Wild Turkeys”

Hansi_Photo_111010_Hansi_Photo_111010__MG_9988Briggs Farm offers ample evidence of the restoration of the Eastern Wild Turkey from the brink of extinction in southeastern Minnesota just a few decades ago. Our 560 acres are managed to encourage wildlife and include a mix of open and wooded areas . . . ideal habitat for the wild turkey. We don’t spray our land with pesticides or herbicides, either. Briggs Farm is proud to support the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Wild Turkey Hunting at Briggs Farm

We’re now taking reservations for the fall wild turkey hunting season, which runs from 10/04/14 – 11/01/14. (Find updated information for future hunting seasons at the Minnesota DNR Hunting Seasons page as the information becomes available.)

Wild Turkey Hunts at Briggs Farm cost $175 per hunter, per day (in addition to the cost of Farm House lodging). This “trespass fee” gives you exclusive hunting rights on the farm for the duration of the stay, and helps defray the cost of maintaining the land for hunting.

To book a wild turkey hunt:

  1. Reserve your lodging at Briggs Farm ($150 per night weekdays, $175 Friday and Saturday) Check out our Farm House page for accommodations details, and then book through our Reservations page.
  2. On the Reservations page, once you book your Farm Stay dates, you will see a list of Additional Items. Select Turkey Hunt ($175), choosing the number of Turkey Hunts you need (number of people hunting x days hunting).
  3. Consider adding additional adventures during your stay (see our Outdoor Adventures page for options). Or add meals prepared to order by Steve right there at the farm house (think grass-fed beef and wood-fired pizza, to name a few options!). Ask Steve about meal pricing.

Contact Steve

QSteve-on-rock-smalluestions? Special needs? Call Steve Briggs at (507) 450-9902.

You can find additional information about rules and regulations applying to wild turkey hunting in southeastern Minnesota at the MN DNR Turkey page.