Hansi_Photo_140712__MG_3068“Southeast Minnesota is one of the best-kept secrets in trout fishing,” says long-time guide John Carrier. The region is littered with prime cold-water streams rated among the best trout streams in the country. A Briggs Outdoors fishing package can get you to the best trout fishing in the region, starting with the cold-water creek that runs right in front of the farm house.

Wake up, walk out the front door, and be fishing a prime trout creek in just as long as it takes you to saunter down to Cedar Creek. The creek runs through the property, and includes a fresh cold-water stream, making it the perfect place to start a great fishing trip.

The Driftless Region of southeastern Minnesota is littered with cold-water streams like Cedar Creek, some of which are rated among the best trout-fishing hotspots in the country. Here are some of your fishing options within a thirty-minute drive of the farm:

  • Fish found in Cedar Valley Creek include brown trout, white sucker, longnose dace, blacknose dace, bullhead minnow, creek chub, central mudminnow, and brook stickleback. (The creek is pictured in the slideshow above; all photos courtesy of the inestimable Hansi Johnson.)
  • Besides Cedar Creek, excellent trout fishing can also be found in dozens of other small, spring-fed streams in the area, particularly in the watershed of the Whitewater River. John Ross’ America’s 100 Best Trout Streams lists three area streams: the South Branch of the Root River, the Whitewater River, and Trout Run Creek.
  • The Upper Mississippi River contains some 120 species of fish—more than can be found in any single inland lake or stream; the walleye fishing is especially good.
  • Winter ice fishing is fabulous in this region on many lakes, rivers, and the backwaters of the Mississippi. Ask Steve about renting the awesome Briggs Outdoors ice fishing trailer (see below)!
  • Lake Winona offers excellent pan fish opportunities, especially for kids. Boat and rod rental are available from Lake Park Lodge.

And remember to take your kids fishing–it’s a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime!



Book your fishing adventure by May 15 and get $100 off

Briggs Farm makes the perfect spot to begin your fishing adventure (check out everything else that the farm has to offer at our Farm Stay page and our Outdoor Adventures page). And when you book your stay by May 15, get $100 off your stay! (Two night minimum stay required.) Enter coupon code fishbriggs2015 when you check out.

  • The guides we partner with can take you to the best fishing hotspots in the area; see the “Need a Guide?” section below.
  • Add another outdoor adventure to your stay, like guided birdwatching or wild edible foraging. See our Outdoor Adventures page for details.
  • Add all-inclusive meals for $100/person/day. Ask Steve for details.


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Need a guide?

We can set up guided fishing excursions to accommodate all levels of fishing prowess, from beginner to expert.


Brewfly Southeast Minnesota

The guys at Brewfly Southeast Minnesota are absolutely passionate about trout fishing and fly tying.

John Carrier

John Carrier brings decades of experience fishing the streams of southeast Minnesota, the Mississippi River, and the open water of the Caribbean. Some of the experiences he offers:

  • Guided trout fishing…John can take you to all the best spots in the area.
  • Kayak fishing on the Mississippi River or the area’s larger trout streams
  • Float tube fishing…a unique and fun experience that combines float tubing and fishing. Ask him about night-time float tube fishing!

John charges $25 an hour per person, up to four people at a time.

Steve Briggs will work with you to book a guide…just give him a call at 507-450-9902.


Ice Fishing Options

Go ice fishing in the Briggs Outdoors ice fishing trailer, now available for rental:



Here’s a great video of Steve Briggs and his kids pulling in a “keeper” while fishing the backwaters of the Mississippi River:

More information

For more information on area fishing, see:

Call Steve at 507-450-9902 to schedule your guided fishing adventure, or book your farm stay right now.