We’ve got two Cogburn CB-4 fat-tire bikes out at the farm now for the use of our guests! If you haven’t tried biking the bluffs on a fat-tire bike, you’re going to love these! They give anyone a whole new way to explore the outdoors, quietly and stealthily for the best chance of seeing wildlife.

What are fat-tire bikes? They’re kind of like mountain bikes, only the next level up. Like their name implies, they’ve got super-fat tires; the larger surface area of the tire makes for a smoother, quieter ride, plus they can get to places a normal bike just couldn’t. Like you can take these on hard-packed snow (once we get some snow, we’ll try them out on our groomed trails). You can take them on hard-packed sand. The larger surface area makes them kind of “float” over surfaces that other bikes would just sink into. The way Cogburn Outdoors puts it on their website is: “Cogburn uses the bicycle as a platform to provide hunters and anglers with the ability to access more land; taking their gear farther, faster, and quieter with virtually no impact on habitat. Its massive 3.8”-wide tires run at very low pressure to provide flotation and amazing traction over rough or soft terrain.” That pretty much sums it up.

Use of the bikes is free to guests staying at the farm.

Thanks to Bobby Dahlberg up at Cogburn Outdoors, who was generous enough to loan us a couple of their bikes indefinitely for the use of our guests.

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Our good friend Hansi Johnson has been passionate about these bikes for a long time, and has written an excellent review about using these bikes for hunting. All of the images in the slideshow above are Hansi’s, by the way.

Steve took these bikes out for a spin on the farm — you can read about his experience here.

And you can check out these bikes at Cogburn Outdoors, too.