Steve Briggs
Steve Briggs, on a rock outcropping overlooking part of the farm.

Welcome to Briggs Farm

Briggs Farm is a family-owned outdoor adventure and event destination encompassing 560 acres of wooded bluffs, meadows, farmland, and creek bottoms. The farm was one of the first in Winona County, established in 1854 by Norwegian immigrants Halvor and Kari Myhre. Today, the Briggs family maintain a small herd of grass-fed beef cattle on the farm, but most of the property is managed to attract wildlife, including red-tailed fox, whitetail deer, wild turkey, eagles, coyotes, brown trout, wood turtles, blue-winged warblers, showy lady’s slipper, and jeweled shooting stars, to name just a few.


Whether you’re coming for a one-day event or staying a week, host Steve Briggs wants you to have the best experience possible. Feel free to contact him with questions at (507) 450-9902, or use the Reservations page to book your event or adventure today.

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