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Briggs Farm is a family-owned outdoor adventure and event destination encompassing 560 acres of wooded bluffs, meadows, farmland, and creek bottoms. The farm was one of the first in Winona County, established in 1854 by Norwegian immigrants Halvor and Kari Myhre. Today, the Briggs family maintain a small herd of grass-fed beef cattle on the farm, but most of the property is managed to attract wildlife, including red-tailed fox, whitetail deer, wild turkey, eagles, coyotes, brown trout, wood turtles, hooded warblers, showy lady’s slipper, and jeweled shooting stars, to name just a few.

Stay with Us


Our three-bedroom farm house is filled with period antiques as well as modern creature comforts. It’s quiet enough to hear birds and crickets and the music of Cedar Valley Creek, and dark enough to see thousands of stars, yet only twenty minutes from the many cultural, recreational, and entertainment options of historic Winona. Plus, you can hike or ski our fifteen miles of trails during your stay.

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Add an Adventure


With more than fifteen miles of trails, there’s plenty of room for adventure out here. We offer a variety of outdoor adventure packages that you can add to your stay at Briggs Farm. Whether you’re interested in hunting, fishing, birding, wilderness survival training, wild edibles, or guided stargazing, we’re here to help you have a fun and memorable experience.

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Plan Your Event


We love hosting parties and special events, including family gatherings, weddings, company picnics, kids’ birthday parties, and larger events involving hundreds of people. You can bring your own food and activities, or let Steve fire up the outdoor wood-fired oven so you can make delicious pizzas just the way you like them. You can also add a bonfire, hayride, or mini-adventures with one of our naturalist guides.

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Whether you’re coming for a one-day event or staying a week, host Steve Briggs wants you to have the best experience possible. Feel free to contact him with questions at (507) 450-9902, or use the Reservations page to book your event or adventure today.

Upcoming Events

Survival Skill Basics @ Briggs Farm
Sep 21 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Could you meet your basic human needs for survival in a remote wilderness setting? Besides potentially saving a life, wilderness survival skills are fun to learn, increase self-reliance, self-confidence, and critical thinking skills.

You and your kids will have a hands-on opportunity to learn and practice some of these skills at Briggs Farm with the guidance of Seekers Wild instructor Derek Barkiem. Some skills that might be covered over the course of the afternoon include:

  • building and using functional tools
  • becoming invisible with stealth training, silent movement, and camouflage
  • building a fire using multiple techniques: single match, fire by friction, metal match/magnesium
  • fire safety and theory: balancing oxygen, fuel, and heat, tinder selection, managing surface area
  • primitive trap building, including: rolling snare, deadfalls, pencil snare and more
  • finding and purifying water
  • building a survival shelter
  • compass-free navigation by the sun
  • foraging and preparing delicious and healthy wild edible foods
  • basic knife safety

If you come…

  • This event is $10 per adult at the farm or $9 in advance (purchase a pass using the Paypal
    Derek and Ariel Barkiem

    button below). Kids come along for free.

  • Come prepared for a walk in the woods.
  • Free refreshments as well as lawn games will be available at the farmhouse for your enjoyment before and after the event. You’re also welcome to picnic on the grounds.


Purchase $9 advance passes

If you can’t make this event, you can use your passes at any other upcoming Briggs Farm event.

Wild Scavenger Hunt: Fall Seeds @ Briggs Farm
Sep 28 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Bring the whole family out for a nature-based scavenger hunt as Julie McCormick tells the story of our region’s nuts and seeds. This is what all the blufflands’ plants and trees have been working toward all summer . . . this is what all those flowers were about: seeds, the beginning of the next generation of plant life.

Julie will lead individuals and families on an easy nature walk in search of seeds, which you will be able to collect and take home. After the walk, enjoy free refreshments at the farm or head out to our legacy apple orchard to pick as many apples as you like.

If you go:

  • Feel free to bring your lunch to the farm early and picnic on our deck, patio, or lawn as the kids run around.
  • If you would like to pick wild apples from our legacy apple orchard, bring bags for carrying them home. (“Legacy” means the orchard is unsprayed and untended.)
  • This event is free, although we will be accepting free-will donations either online or at the event.

Your support makes Sundays on the Farm possible

If you’re planning to attend this event, or went and had a good time, please consider supporting Briggs Farm with a free-will donation to help cover event expenses and to fund future Sundays at the Farm. Click the button below to donate via Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards.




Briggs Farm Journal

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